Five Steps to Follow Once You Have Been Accepted to Medical School


As the seasons change so do the fortunes of aspiring medical students. Some of you, no doubt, are still eagerly anticipating your first interview. The lucky ones are holding acceptance letters in their hands. Congratulations! The hardest part is over … Continue reading

Medical School Admission Requirements: What you need to do to get in!

Check list

As a reader of this site you are already ahead of the game when it comes to getting into medical school. I am shocked at how many people I come across who are “pre-meds” but are absolutely clueless about medical school … Continue reading

Medical School Admissions Essential Ingredients: Volunteering


Getting into medical school is similar to completing a recipe. A pinch of shadowing here, a dash of volunteering there, add MCAT and letters of recommendation and cook for 1-2 months. There are certain things medical school admissions committees are looking for. … Continue reading