STD 9/22/13: Medical School Sucks

medical school sucks

The search term of the day (or STD) is our continuing series in which I take the most interesting search term of the day (or really any period of time I see fit) that landed a user at Surviving Gray’s and delve into it a little deeper. To checkout the entire series visit here. Today’s term, “Medical School Sucks’.

Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a search term of the day (or a post in general, I’m at our busiest hospital right now, sorry guys)! Recently there has been a rash of search terms related to a similar subject, medical school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m not surprised that a lot of you are feeling this way. After all, many of our expectations of what we will encounter during medical school are based on the popular media which, as we all know, is notorious for giving a romanticized version of reality. We expect dramatic patient encounters and surly attending physicians leading “pimping rounds”. Sadly, during the first two years of medical school caffeine fueled learning marathons predominate over any form of patient encounter. Students are left thinking where’s the medicine?

Fact is the beginning of medical school is all about creating a base upon which these future clinical experiences can sit. I agree, it is boring as shit and it is hard! My condolences to you my friends, but suck it up!


…but they will never be exactly what you expected! Yes, the clinical years of medical school are dramatically more interesting and  I had some great rotations but I also had some piss poor rotations that left me wondering what the hell I was doing there.

Here’s my final advice to you all that are disappointed with your early medical school days:

  • The basic science portion of medical school sucks – get over it – we all made it through and so will you.
  • Once you get through this you NEVER have to do it again – which is good because I know I couldn’t!
  • You need to make free time for yourself. You will not “find” it unless you actively pursue it.
  • It gets better from here, I promise!


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