The Pathway Part 3: Internship and Residency – Believe It or Not You’ve Made it!

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Previously (The Pathway Part 1 and Part 2) we talked about getting into and succeeding in medical school. Well its time to cook the bacon baby! Medical internship and residency are where you are truly formed into the physician you … Continue reading

The Pathway Part 2: Medical School – Getting In and Getting it Over With


The previous post in the pathway was all about having fun. Don’t get me wrong. I am ALWAYS about having fun. But beginning now you have to start to really develop your time management skills so that you can have … Continue reading

The Pathway Part 1: Preparing for Medical School – Of Mediocre Importance at Best

No not that kind of pathway!

When I tell my patients I’m an intern most have an inherent understanding of what that means (“Oh I get it, you’re someone’s bitch for the next year or so”). What most people, including many others in the healthcare field, … Continue reading