Below is a list of my favorite areas of the web. Some are medical, some are not. I think they are all pretty damn cool! Please let me know if there is anything you think I should be checking out!

  • Amazon Student – this is a pretty awesome deal. Just for having a .edu address you get free 2 day shipping on Amazon. You can literally find anything on here and they will ship it to you, for free, in 2 days. It doesn’t get much better than that. You also get half price on prime membership which includes 1000’s of videos (just as good as Netflix in my opinion).
  • QuantiaMD – A site with very pertinent continuing education articles. As a bonus you can earn money while doing them! Not going to pay off your loans but can certainly help support that coffee habit!
  • ZenniOptical – Did you know essentially all of the eyeglasses in the world (including designer brands) and made by own company, Luxottica? I’ve stopped paying premium prices for my eyeglasses, get them off of ZenniOptical for dirt cheap.
  • MDLinx – An easy way to stay up to date on current topics in medicine offering quick reviews of current journal articles sortable by specialty
  • Studentdoctor.net – As much as I hate to admit it, there is a plethora of valuable information to be found on here, especially in the forums, you’ll just have to sort through the spam and the trolls to find it!
  • Mint.com – You’re bound to be broke as a student and resident. Keeping track can help you save a little extra.
  • Vanguard – Manage to squirrel away some extra funds? The best investment is probably paying off your loans. If you want to play in the market I suggest you do it with Vanguard

Note: I may get a small amount of compensation if you use some of these products but I wouldn’t like to them if I didn’t use them myself


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  1. You’re amazing. Seriously, I’m in week….6 (omg what!?) and I’m kicking myself for not googling this before I started school. Trying really hard not to fail anatomy next week! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the awesome posts :)

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