Blog Roll

There are lot’s of interesting blogs around the net some medicine related some not. Here are my favorites.

  • The Hero Complex – a site simlar to this one. Details the trip through medical education with some very insightful advice along the way.
  • KevinMD –  A professional medical blog affiliated with medpage today filled with interesting articles and discussion covering all aspects of healthcare.
  • Medaholic – A well written and well established blog similar to my own which details a Canadian medical student’s travels down the pathway through medical education.
  • Mr. Money Mustache– my favorite blog on the web, the catch line “financial freedom through badassitry” sums it up. Just because we have high earning potential as physicians doesn’t mean we should be stupid with our money!
  • White Coat DO – from the  author of Practical PreMed, White Coat DO is written by a current medical student and details his journey with some helpful tips along the way.
  • The White Coat Investor – we all want to have successful, lucrative careers. Part of this is having financial literacy. This is a fantastic site to become literate in the world of finance as it pertains to physicians and others in the healthcare field.


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