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I started out just like you, with the goal to become a physician. So far I have succeeded and am currently a general surgery resident. Along the way I learned that the best advice doesn’t come from books but from those who have been through it. Medical education is like anything else, there is a way to do it, and a way to do it right. Presented here is the way to do it right.

This site is dedicated to the brave souls who choose to pursue a career in medicine. It is still a GREAT career, do not let others tell you otherwise, but there is an increasingly large number of hoops you must jump through in order to succeed. I hope to provide you with a resource to make all those hoops as painless as possible.

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Good luck to you all,

Survivor DO

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  1. Thanks Survivor D.O.,
    I stumbled across your site looking for the right gift for a medical student (my son). I wanted to get him something useful and practical. I enjoyed getting sucked into reading your blog posts and the comments. It helps me to understand what the upcoming stages of the process are. You might consider doing a post on surviving your parents, haha, or a top ten for parents (anyway, something like that).
    Again, thanks, I very much enjoyed your site.


    PS: I ended up giving him a wad of cash, a retro double-edge razor and brush kit and an expensive bottle of scotch that he’d never buy for himself..

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for checking out the site. I’m glad you found it useful. You can never go wrong with booze and money! I’ll certainly consider a post that helps parents understand what to expect, that’s an excellent idea!


  2. I found your site and found it really inspiring. Ty! I want to go md but am scared I can’t do it. I am planning on PA, but your words have made me feel I have the aptitude and the determination – and forethought – to succeed. I am 30 and have a 3 year old. I finally repaired my old college record with straight As and am on to my junior year. I am hopefull and totally scared. Have you encountered peers that applied to both paths?

  3. A great career? On what planet? The biggest mistake of my life was going to medical school. Now I have several hundred thousand dollars of debt that traps me in a job where people I am constantly badgered and harassed to meet the demands of the masses. I’m not allowed to eat, sleep or pee without constant interruption and being viewed as selfish and weak. When I’m not being controlled by patients and families? I’m being controlled by government bureaucrats who have decided to try to control my profession, despite having no knowledge of it, in order to buy votes. What little free time I might have had is spent jumping through hoops to please the bureaucrats, often about things that are irrelevant to my patient population, and collecting data for them to use against me (and against patients)

    The worst part? I’m stuck. My debt is so high that I’m stuck. After the government gets done taking half of my income for taxes, I live in a small, dated apartment and drive a 13 year old car. And it will still take me 10 years to pay off the debt to buy my freedom back.

    This job totally sucks the life out of me. I hate everything about it. And when your job sucks so bad and takes up so much of your life? It’s hard to find any time to enjoy anything.

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